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This is what’s leading House Democrats, and as Michael Snyder said, could become Speaker of the House if Democrats take it over in 2018.

Here she is suggesting in an interview with the Arizona Republic that a solution for border security is yard maintenance.

According to the YouTube description:

Nancy Pelosi criticizes building a border wall, instead oddly proposing “mowing the grass” as a border security solution.

Here’s a transcript, provided by Real Clear Politics:

“I’m not the wall’s biggest advocate in Congress,” Pelosi said to congressional reporter Ron Hansen. “But I do know that representatives in the House and Senators in that body from the border areas have some serious objections to to a wall because they know how detrimental it can be to the community trade, to all the other aspects of a border.”

“But, again, let’s sit down and talk this through about what makes sense, not some commitment to a promise that we’re going to build a wall and Mexico is going to pay for it. That’s never going to happen,” she said.

“Let’s talk about where a more serious structure might be necessary, where fencing will do or mowing the grass so that people can’t be smuggled through the grass. That’s something — levies, technology, personnel,” Pelosi proposed.

Yeah, she’s serious…

But then again, she does hail from the lawless sanctuary state of California.

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By S.K.