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illegally come with fake social security number ..
Tucker Carlson debated a woman who came to the U.S. as a young illegal immigrant and later attained citizenship status and criticized President Trump‘s planned border wall.

Julissa Arce said she used a fake social security number to get a job in the United States, and later worked her way up to a vice presidential position at Goldman Sachs.

Carlson asked if Arce committed identity theft to get her job, but she said she simply made up the numbers. He noted that falsifying social security documentation is a felony.

She said she did not want to use a fake social security number but said it was one of the only ways for her to get ahead in the business world.

Arce said she was fortunate to marry an American and become a citizen, but said Trump’s border wall is a “symbol of hate” toward immigrants and Mexican-Americans.

She said that as a citizen she has the right to speak out against her government’s actions.

Carlson asked if she meant America has no right to protect its borders: “I think I have a right to ask you what you’re talking about,” he said.

He repeatedly asked Arce to what extent the country should secure its borders if the wall is such a ‘hateful’ idea.


By S.K.