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Clinton Adviser

Clinton Adviser Goodstein

On his premiere night at 8 p.m. ET, Tucker Carlson opened his program with a stirring debate with former Clinton campaign adviser Richard Goodstein.

Carlson pointed to a recent poll showing President Trump would win reelection by 43 to 40 percent over Hillary Clinton if the election were held today.

“This poll is a disaster,” he said, asking Clinton Adviser Goodstein whether Democrats should adopt a different approach to draw voters in than just attacking the president.

Goodstein said recent special elections in Kansas and Georgia show voters are indeed being drawn to the Democrats’ anti-Trump message.

Carlson pointed out neither of those states’ candidates won their race.

But Goodstein pointed to Georgia where Democrats formerly down 30 points in a suburban Atlanta district were only down 7 points after Democrat Jon Ossoff failed to prevent a runoff there last week.

“Donald Trump has not expanded his base one iota,” Goodstein said.

He and Carlson also debated whether Trump was a “puppet of the Kremlin.”

Clinton Adviser


By S.K.