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On tax day, most Americans send the government 10 to 40 percent of their income to fund the bureaucracy, and one professor says that’s not enough for some tax brackets.

Occidental College Professor Caroline Heldman wants the “one-percent” to pay taxes at rates of 80 percent or more, saying they don’t yet pay “their fair share.”

Heldman said on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that ultra-wealthy individuals paid as much as 90 percent in taxes under Presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy.

She said that returning to these high tax rates would ensure a proper social safety net and education system. Tucker Carlson countered that Americans already pay more than most other countries in the world for social programs and schooling.

“Rich people aren’t held to the same standards,” Heldman said. ” taxe s are the price we pay for civilization.”

Carlson asked whether the San Diego professor voluntarily paid more in taxes to reach the goal she set for the rich.

When she responded that she instead donates to charities and Planned Parenthood, Carlson asked why she didn’t “practice what you preach.”

Heldman repeated that she was not in the “one-percent” and just an “upper-income” American.


She added that she feels so strongly about higher taxes in part because President Trump is presiding over a “train wreck” of a government when it comes to helping those in poverty.



By S.K.