Republican David Valadao is leading incumbent Democrat Congressmen TJ Cox in California’s District 21 in a close election.

If Valadao holds on to his lead, he will successfully flip yet another blue seat red.

Per Eytan Wallace:

Here are the latest results in the race for the 21st congressional district:

David Valadao (R) leads TJ Cox (D) by 2,277.

On Monday, Valadao led by 4,570.

Ballots remaining in Kern County (does *not* include entire CA-21):

36,259 total
*9,882 vote by mail
*26,377 provisional

Per ABC30:

Two years ago, Valadao had been declared the winner and re-elected to the House seat by the Associated Press.

Valadao even went back to Washington, DC to have his picture taken with the rest of his GOP House members.

But the ballots kept being counted and the margin of victory grew smaller especially as the big pile of absentee and provisional ballots in Kern County were processed.

Finally, 22 days after Election Night, Cox had slipped past Valadao to upset the incumbent as part of the Democrats’ ‘Blue Wave’ across the country in which they took control of the House of Representatives.

Once again, Kern County could tip the race.