Democrats dragged him in front of Congress again – but now they’re regretting it.

Attorney General Barr reported to Capitol Hill this morning. Democrats thought they were going to grill him.

Instead, he grilled them.

Weeks ago, Barr released his summary of the Mueller Report, then a redacted version of the actual report.

Democrats didn’t get the results they wanted, so they are trying to discredit the AG in front of the public.

But things are going to get even worse for the left. Why? Because Barr is dropping the hammer on the “Summer of ’16” gang.

From Twitter:

They’re in trouble now!

AG Barr confirmed to Chuck Grassley that he is investigating Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. You might remember these two love birds who infamously texted about an “insurance plan” to keep Donald Trump out of office.

Barr has said numerous times he is upset at how Democrats conducted themselves in 2016.

There were plenty of “strange” things about how Obama’s FBI ran the Clinton investigation. More importantly, how they investigated Trump’s campaign.

President Trump is clear of all accusations. There is no getting around that. We also know that this entire fiasco was started under false pretenses. Democrats tried to override our democracy–even take down our President-Elect.

Strzok and Page are the focus, but let’s be honest—it goes much higher than that.

What will Barr find? Was Comey and Lynch in on this scheme? What about Obama himself? It’s about time we got the answers we’ve been demanding for over three years.

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Source: Twitter