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Actor James Woods has become sort of a cult figure on the right for his willingness to criticize members of the left in ways that most others won’t.

WARNING: The tweet shown below contains graphic language that my offend some readers.

On Wednesday, the actor kept his Twitter mean streak alive by going after CNN host Jake Tapper, criticizing the host’s bias toward former President Barack Obama.

And as expected, Twitter went crazy over Woods’ statement.

Woods’ strongly worded barb was in response to a tweet Tapper put out early Tuesday morning.

“If you’re a news organization and the folks in power are constantly praising you, you’re doing it wrong. By definition,” Tapper wrote.

While it is unknown what prompted Tapper’s initial tweet, it is also no secret the CNN is vehemently disliked by President Donald Trump and members of his administration.

By Tapper’s line of logic, CNN is one of the few media organizations doing it right

However, he might want to stay off Twitter, or at least know that Woods is always watching and is willing to call out hypocrisy when he sees it.

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By S.K.