Hours After Twitter Purges Trump And Conservatives – Twitter Pays The Price With A Plummeting Stock Price


What’s Happening:

Over the weekend, Twitter officially shut down their most iconic and prolific user in history: President Donald Trump.

In addition to that, they appeared to purge several other notable conservative users, including some Trump allies.

Many were outraged, pointing to a long history of Twitter “going after” conservative users. Did they think there wouldn’t be consequences for killing the goose that laid the golden eggs?

From Daily Caller:




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Twitter’s share price sunk 11% when markets opened Monday morning for the first time since the site banned President Donald Trump.

The price has recovered somewhat since opening, but is still down nearly seven percent at the time of publication.

Twitter’s stock plunged this week after it banned Donald Trump. It is still down at this point by seven percent.

After the news hit that Twitter appeared to be shutting down conservative talk on their site, rumor swirled that an exodus was happening.

It seems that many of those who followed Trump were leaving the site and moving to other platforms. After all, why would they stick around a social media site that is just booted off their favorite user?

The stock price dropping even perhaps even more shocking. Investors were so worried about the site banning one user, that they tried to dump their shares. Not great, Twitter, not great.

Twitter has been accused of trying to silence conservatives for years. In the aftermath of the 2020 Election, they frequently flagged posts by Trump—or even removed them without his consent.

It is hard to believe they are doing this for the “good” of their users. The social media site skyrocketed to popularity years ago during the “Arab Spring.” People praised Twitter because it was giving people around the world a chance to speak freely.

Today, it appears they are doing the opposite. They shut down the account of a sitting president, over an arguably flimsy reason.

I wonder what is in store for the social site, now that their most visible user is officially gone? Do they think Joe Biden will fill that gap?

Come on, man.