Newly-elected Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville has come out and said that he will likely contest the 2020 election.

This announcement comes on the heels of  Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s “orders” to Senate Republicans that they’re not to “disturb” Biden’s installation into the White House.

Tuberville was heavily backed by President Trump – you’ll recall that former AG Sessions ran against Tuberville and lost. It looks like Trump backed a fighter.

But it appears that Mitch McConnell has caught wind of Tuberville’s plans, and spent his Christmas Day working like a busy evil elf to stop anyone from standing in Joe’s way.

But one Trump supporter was not going to allow Mitch to have the last word, so he took to Twitter where he sent Senator Tuberville an encouraging message from all of MAGA.

Here’s what user “C3” had to say: “Stay strong @TTuberville and you will be a hero with 98% of the Republican Party. The 98% that love Trump. If you fight for Trump and us Trump voters we will never leave you. Don’t let the Swamp win.

The message went viral

Whatever the election outcome is we must make a pledge that we will never forget the GOP traitors and bench-warmers who worked to foil Trump or sat silent while our votes and voices were silenced.
We must hold these traitors accountable for everything that they’ve done and didn’t do when it came to this sham election.

And starting a new party isn’t an option. We’ll split the votes with GOP and never win anything again.
Our best bet is to take over the GOP and primary all of these traitors with hardcore America-First candidates.