If you want to see what a total sham this “pandemic” is, just take a look at what happened yesterday in the House…

Nancy Pelosi was about to lose her speakership because some of her House members were under quarantine thanks to testing positive for COVID.

She needed their votes though, to hold onto power

So, what did Nancy do? She ordered a COVID-positive congresswoman back to the House to vote for her.

That’s right, the woman who leads the party of “Mask Nazis” and “KOVID KARENS” had a COVID-positive person travel back to the House just so they could vote to keep her in power.

Meanwhile, millions of Americans are losing their entire livelihood due to these sham lockdowns – but hey, at least Queen Ice Cream is still ruling over the peasants, right?

This absolutely pissed-off country star John Rich from the famed singing duo “Big and Rich.”

And he took to Twitter, where he shredded Nancy like a vodka-soaked carrot.

Here’s what John Rich said “If @SpeakerPelosi can call in a COVID POSITIVE congresswoman to the People’s House to vote for her today, then I don’t want to hear ONE MORE WORD of bullshit from Dems about how I must be shackled by the virus. I will NOT submit to liars and hypocrites!”

Why isn’t every GOP politician screaming about this from the roof-tops and demanding that all businesses be re-opened immediately?

I’ll tell you why, because the GOP wants the “Great Globalist re-set” as much as the Dems do.

All of these politicians are part of the same “club” no matter how they sell themselves to their voters – they’re all are members of the Swamp in one way or another – otherwise, every one of them would be screaming at the top of their lungs to re-open America NOW – and they wouldn’t stop screaming until it happened.

It’s a damn sad day when country music singers are doing more for small business than the idiots we elect to represent us.