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It appears Congress is taking their time to produce a passable piece of legislation aimed at nationwide police reform.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump signed an executive order that will bring immediate change and improvements to PDs across the country.

Nancy Pelosi herself spoke out against the use of chokeholds; Trump’s new order bans them in most cases.

Despite the obvious victory, Nancy Pelosi criticized Trump’s order, rejecting it out of hand.

So, Trump’s White House spokesperson is speaking out:

“There has been one action taken on this. And who has taken that action? President Trump with this executive order,” McEnany told “Bill Hemmer Reports.”

“President Obama and Vice President Biden had eight years to make changes,” she added. “It took President Trump, much like it took President Trump on criminal justice reform.”

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Congress vowed to take action after the death of George Floyd and the subsequent protests. Yet all House Democrats have been able to produce is a bill with little chance of passing.

Republicans in the Senate are working on a bill aimed at bringing both parties together. But it remains to be seen if Democrats in either chamber will back it.

Conservatives are critical of Pelosi—who was quick to attack Trump’s order. The president spoke with law enforcement officials to gather as much information as possible. He also met with the families of those recently killed by police officers.

His proposal bans chokeholds and provided a database to collect information on officers fired over brutality. The order will prevent cops with a record of abuse from rejoining a police department.

It will also provide better training for cops and require mental health experts to work with PDs, to ensure safer interactions with the public.

Despite all these measures—called for by both conservatives and liberals—Pelosi continues to attack the president.

Many begin to wonder just what the Speakers’ intentions really are. Is she serious about police reform or does she just want to oppose the president?

Key Takeaways:

  • Nancy Pelosi quickly rejected Trump’s executive order, despite it containing measures she endorsed.
  • White House Spox criticized Democrats, saying Trump has done more for police reform that Obama/Biden in eight years.
  • Questions have been raised over Pelosi’s constant opposition to the administration.

Source: Fox News