What’s Happening:

MAGA supporters have stood up for Trump for years. But often they are treated as second-class citizens.

This is especially true in blue states, where Democrats often assault or outright attack them for wearing the iconic red hat.

Recently, one man was attacked for wearing a Trump hat. And for once, it looks like justice will be done… in California.

From Daily Caller:

A San Fernando Valley man was sentenced Monday after pleading guilty to assaulting a bar patron who wore a “Make America Great Again” hat inscribed in Russian, the Los Angeles Daily News reported…

Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office announced Delgado “pleaded no contest” to one felony count of “assault by means of force likely to produce great bodily injury,” according to a March 4, 2020, press release.

Apparently, this man approached a Trump supporter in a bar restroom. He repeatedly punched the victim for wearing the hat.

Even after the victim fell to the floor, this man kept punching him, until he took the hat and fled.

As horrible as this sounds, it is not the first time such an event took place. Across American, leftists are “triggered” by the sight of a red MAGA hat.

They instantly confront the wearer, often with violent results. The media has been all but silent about these events, as if they were complicit in what was done.

In some cases, the assaulters are never caught or charged.

In this case (perhaps because the attack was so brutal), the man is facing a just penalty.

It helps that he did not try to contest the charges. Perhaps he realized the error of his ways.

But the question remains, will this change the climate across the country?

Will some liberals learn that they have no right to assault someone, just because of the hat they wear?

Or will leftists continue to go after Trump supporters and conservatives, just because of their political views?

Source: Daily Caller