What’s Happening:

With many accusations and questions revolving around the presidential election still, many are questioning the results of other elections.

In several states, the ballots and tallies have been challenged. That’s the case in Pennsylvania, where many Republicans claim last-minute rule changes violated their constitution.

It appears to all be coming to a head now, as Republicans declare some Democrat winners to be illegitimate.

They’ve even blocked one Democrat from taking his seat.

From CBS:

Senate Republicans, who hold the majority, refused to let Pa. Sen. Jim Brewster of McKeesport take the oath of office. When Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, a Democrat, came to Brewster’s defense, the Republicans removed him as presiding officer…

The day began with Fetterman as president of the Senate, but when Republican senators tried to deny Democrat Brewster, certified with 69 more votes than his Republican challenger, the right to take the oath of office, Fetterman intervened…

So then Republicans voted to remove Fetterman from the chair.

Reports are declaring Pennsylvania’s Senate devolving into chaos as Republicans refused to let a Democrat be worn into his seat.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who has been watching the Pennsylvania elections. Many Republican state lawmakers have called into question the integrity of their state’s elections.

They frequently challenged Biden’s “victory.” So, it seems they are also questioning this Democrat’s victory as well.

What’s even more startling is how they removed the Lt. Governor from presiding over the proceedings. As a Democrat, he would have been able to intervene and help Brewster.

It’s hard to say how this will all shake out. If Republicans refuse to budge, they might not let this Democrat take his seat.

Or perhaps this will trigger more investigations into the state’s elections—to determine if this candidate won fairly.

Don’t be surprised to see more of this happen in the coming months. When you violate our democracy and blatantly ignore calls for inquiry (as Democrats appear to be doing), you don’t have much of a democracy left.

Source: CBS