What’s Happening:

The fate of two Senate seats from Georgia will be decided in January. But one crucial one might have been decided already.

Video of Democrat candidate Raphael Warnock has come out where he claimed you cannot “serve both God and the military.”

The comments quickly went viral, outraging many Americans who served in the military.

And now dozens of veterans are demanding swift action:

Dozens of veterans from Georgia are calling on Democratic Senate candidate Rev. Raphael Warnock to drop out of the state’s run-off race in January after his nearly a decade-old comment saying “nobody can serve God and the military” resurfaced.

Fox News obtained a list of more than four dozen Georgia veterans who are calling on Warnock to suspend his campaign.

Veterans are calling out Warnock, saying his comments are “flat-out wrong.” It’s unusual for someone to make a division between serving God and their country via the military.

While Democrats have a bad track record supporting our military, few of them would say such a thing.

Warnock is one of two Democrats fighting for critical Senate seats in Georgia. The results of these races will determine the makeup of the Senate, whether it has a Republican majority or a 50/50 split.

Many have questioned the “irregularities” of the state’s presidential election results. The undecided Senate races put only more focus on the state’s election process.

Warnock could be key in giving Democrats more power in the Senate. Why would he make such a crazy comment as a politician?

It’s unlikely the politician will apologize or drop out of the race. But his Republican rivals can turn up the heat by spreading this video far and wide.

If he wants to have a chance at winning his race, he better explain himself fast.

Do you think Warnock should drop out of this race over his comments?

Key Takeaways:

  • Veterans are calling on Democrat Warnock to drop out of his Senate race.
  • The man once said you cannot “serve God and the military.”
  • Numerous veterans were outraged over the comments.

Source: Fox News