As far as President Donald Trump is concerned, if you’re a Republican, you should be on his side. You should be backing his election 2020 battle all the way.

However, some GOP members have publicly stated that the election is over and Trump should concede. The media and most Democrats wholeheartedly agree, of course.

But POTUS isn’t backing down, and he isn’t happy with anybody on his team who doesn’t support him.

For example, the Washington Post recently published an article saying that only 25 of the 249 Republican lawmakers in Congress admitted that Joe Biden won the presidential election.

The piece was recently updated to show that 27 Republicans acknowledged Biden’s victory.

Even so, that still means a hefty majority is in Trump’s corner.

But instead of being pleased with having  the majority, POTUS decided to call out the GOP members who have apparently given up the fight.

Now he’s demanding to know exactly who these “quitters” are. As he posted on Twitter:

Though the transition process is officially underway, Trump continues to rail against the election results.

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said the President won’t step down until all the lawsuits and investigations are complete. And those may not be completed any time soon.

Currently, the Trump campaign has open cases in Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin.

Unfortunately, most of the lawsuits filed have already been dismissed or withdrawn and just today, Georgia once again gave Biden the victory after another recount.

Perhaps at this point, the President’s team simply wants to fight for election integrity for future elections. It’s not a matter of winning in some cases; it’s a matter of doing the right thing.

As Trump’s lead attorney in Wisconsin said:


Exposing exactly how the election processes were abused in Wisconsin holds enormous value for this election beyond a victory for President Trump, but the fact is, our state’s electoral votes likely won’t change the overall outcome.

Regardless, we’re demonstrating that the results of this election unequivocally ought to be questioned.


And if the Electoral College officially certifies Biden’s victory on December 14, Trump will step down. He’s already said he will “certainly” leave the White House on January 20 if this happens.

This won’t stop his battle, though. And he still wants all Republicans on his side.

As for those 27 who aren’t, Donald definitely wants to know who they are — sooner rather than later, we’re sure.

Source: The Daily Caller