Things that make you go hmmm.

A 38-year-old UN diplomat was found dead in her apartment, face-down with a belt around her neck.
I sourced the internet, and couldn’t find her name.  In all of the articles, she is not identified.

That definitely will get perk people’s ears up and spark rumors like this one here:

“BREAKING: Clinton Foundation Donor and UN Diplomat found dead in NYC apartment from an apparent suicide.”

A United Nations diplomat was found dead in her Manhattan apartment on New Year’s Eve in an apparent suicide, police sources said.

The 38-year-old woman was found face-down with a belt around her neck in the bedroom of her East 45th Street apartment shortly after noon, the sources said.

Cops also found prescription anti-depressant medications and two bottles of melatonin — one empty and the other nearly empty.

Police did not find signs of foul play.

“She lived here for two years,” Hernan Avila, a handyman at the building, told The Post on Friday. “Everybody feels bad. She was [a] very nice person. Very nice person.”

The diplomat lived by herself in a fourth-floor apartment, said Avila. He described her as a quiet person who would occasionally be seen outside smoking.

“Yesterday, doctors come upstairs, the ambulance,” he said. “The guy came, the diplomat. I don’t know, ambassador or something.”

“He asked for her,” Avila said. “Doorman call, and no answer. No answer. Something happened.”

Officials at the permanent mission to the UN where the woman worked did not immediately respond to a request for comment

Definitely sad that someone so young would commit suicide, but hopefully, with how this world is nowadays, especially when it comes to “politics,” someone digs a bit deeper into this story just to make 100 percent sure that everything is on the up and up…starting with getting this woman’s name.