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David Goodfriend–who worked as a deputy staff secretary in the Clinton administration––said that Tucker Carlson is “turning into a high-paid smokescreen salesman for the Trump White House.” Well, tonight Carlson brought Goodfriend on to confront him about this.


At issue here is the news about Susan Rice, and Carlson pressed Goodfriend on why he’s not more bothered by the alleged unmasking.

Goodfriend said, “I’m bothered by our country being compromised by a number one foreign adversary in collusion with our president. That bothers me.”

He explained to Carlson that he called him out in particular because “you seem to think that… you can distract your audience” by talking about Rice.

Carlson told Goodfriend he’s just covering the news, not taking marching orders from anyone.

VIDEO below :

By S.K.