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Sanctuary City …

Mayor Virgil Bernero (D) of Lansing, Michigan debated Tucker Carlson on the legitimacy of Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ plan to withhold federal funds from cities that won’t enforce federal immigration law.

Carlson reported that despite Sessions’ warnings, Lansing voted to become a sanctuary city, and he asked Bernero when it was OK to defy any federal law in such a way.

Bernero said that it is never proper to do so, and added that his executive order on the topic abides by federal law.


He invited Sessions and President Trump to advise him anytime on how to increase public safety in Lansing, but said he would never “federalize” his police force to become an immigration enforcer.

Bernero said he values the “community policing” aspect in Lansing and said following Sessions’ instruction would make the cops appear as an “occupying force” in the community.

Carlson asked how a native police force could “occupy” its own hometown.

Bernero said that it was “easy” for Carlson to say such a thing because of “white men like us who are in the majority.”

“Try to walk in another man’s shoes,” Bernero said.


By S.K.