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Yesterday, Connecticut’s governor, Dannel Malloy, made headlines by telling cops in his state they do not have to comply with the Donald Trump administration’s new requests to detain undocumented immigrants. (When current Vice President Mike Pence was the governor of Indiana, Malloy denounced him for rerouting refugee families from the state, so this isn’t very surprising.)

On  Fox News this evening, Tucker Carlson went head-to-head with Malloy.

“The President can’t order us to do federal work,” the governor said. “Quite frankly, the federal government should do its own job and get it done.”

Carlson and Malloy continued to butt heads over the economic condition of Connecticut, but Malloy was insistent that it’s possible for him to care about the economy and current immigration issues at the same time.

When asked about the news that Hartford teachers are facing lay-offs, Malloy brushed it off, but Carlson gave an example of a newspaper running the news.

Malloy stood firm, saying, “What you’re arguing is that we should do something that we’re not required to do, that we should expend state resources doing a federal job, and at the same time you’re saying, ‘Why are you saying you don’t want to do that? You shouldn’t be having that fight. You should be doing other things.’”

By S.K.