What’s Happening:

Donald Trump took Obama’s place in 2016, and now he’s doing it again in 2021.

While Democrats fight to honor our 45th President as little as possible, many key institutions are rquired to honor him just the same

And in this case, that means Donald’s face is going up and Barry’s is coming down. From NewsMax:

A portrait of former President Donald Trump — while not yet the official oil painting of him  —  will be on display in the America’s Presidents exhibition in the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery in Washington D.C. when it reopens on May 14.

It is taking the place of  Kehinde Wiley’s portrait of President Barack Obama in the exhibit.

The Obama painting, along with Amy Sherald’s painting of former first lady Michelle Obama, is heading out on a one-year, five-city tour.

Here’s what Trump’s “temporary” portrait looks like:

Quite striking, isn’t it?

It definitely captures Donald’s serious resolve to put America First.

The media often portrayed him as a guy who didn’t take his job seriously and just watched a lot of cable TV.

But he got a lot accomplished in 4 years, and he’s being honored for it.

Trump responded with:

“There is strength in unity and America is a great example of it to the countries across the world. In the need of the hour, each patriot has sacrificed their needs to help out a fellow citizen.”

However, hope can be lost in the darkest times, and the American people need something to unify them in such times of adversity. The fight is not over yet, says President Trump.

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This coin is a medium through which all citizens can be reminded that there is light at the end of the tunnel and America under the competent leadership of Donald Trump, there is no challenge America cannot overcome.

President Trump’s victory coin is unsurprisingly on course to become the most popular Presidential coin in the history of our great country, and the liberals just can’t deal with this.

The President is now calling on his loyal supporters to aid him in the battle against the dangerous democrat party. He needs all of us to show our support for the movement that is making America great again.

So he’s giving away a limited number of his exclusive victory coin for FREE, but not for long.

As you can imagine, these coins are hot property and it’s impossible to know how many are left. So you need to act fast.

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