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CBS is drawing criticism today after news that the outlet held onto a clip that shows Donald Trump calling for peace, choosing instead to publicize his comments on ObamaCare.

President-elect Trump sat down with CBS on Friday for the taping of a 60 Minutes segment. At one point in the interview, host Lesley Stahl grilled Trump on the attacks against minorities that have reportedly occurred following his election victory.

The key word there is reported. Several of those reported incidents have been revealed to be completely non-related to Donald Trump. Some have even turned out to be outright hoaxes.

But nonetheless, debatable nature aside, Donald Trump still addressed the increase in hate crimes that supposedly followed his presidential victory.

“I hate to hear it,” Trump responded. “I am so sorry to hear it, and I say stop it. And I say right to the camera. stop it.”

You’d think CBS would want to get that clip out as soon as possible – especially as tensions related to the election reached a boiling point over the weekend.

But no. Instead, CBS chose to tease their segment with a clip in which Donald Trump comments on Obamacare

Even CNN’s Brian Stelter found the official CBS explanation for publicizing that clip rather unfulfilling.

Archie Bland of The Guardian also weighed in.

Additionally, several other users on Twitter criticized the network for what they deemed an irresponsible decision.

Meanwhile, as CBS sat on this clip, the President-elect continued to face accusations of inciting hate speech.

Interestingly, CBS did not seem to address the wave of violence that has been committed by Donald Trump detractors.

Last week, a mob in Chicago beat a man while shouting anti-Trump phrases. Three days ago, a shocking video emerged that showed a black student savagely beating up a white peer upon learning that peer supports Trump.

Between CBS’s lack of coverage concerning issues like those and the fact that they sat on a rather pertinent clip that puts Trump’s responsibility on display, could it be that the network has – gasp – a bias? 


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