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Below you can see NFL Power Rankings for week 11!

1). Dallas Cowboys- Great last minute win in Pittsburgh. This is a complete team, best offensive line in football, the two best rookies in the NFL playing behind that line.

2). Seattle Seahawks- Big-time primetime win at New England. Pete Carroll teams have a tendency to start out slow and around this point in the season, they start to come together. That looks to be the case again.

3). New England Patriots- Tough loss to Seattle, but that just might have been a Super Bowl preview.

4). Oakland Raiders- Bye week, next up Houston in Mexico.

5). Kansas City Chiefs- This is a physically and mentally tough team.

6). Denver Broncos- Won at the Superdome, which is a tough place to win. You still have to be worried about the play they are getting at QB.

7). New York Giants- 21-20 win over Cincinnati is great, but how far can a team go that can’t run the ball?

8). Atlanta Falcons- Just when you think the Falcons are Super Bowl contenders something like this always seems to happen.

9). Detroit Lions- May have been on a bye this week, but they still won this week. Every team in the NFC North lost.

10). Washington Redskins- It is about time that people start to take this team seriously.

11). Philadelphia Eagles- Need to be more consistent, but this is a very good team.

12). Houston Texans- Beat the Jaguars. This next week’s game with Oakland should answer some questions for this team.

13). Miami Dolphins- Are these guys for real? I am not completely sold yet, but I am getting there.

14). Minnesota Vikings- Injuries or not, when you play the Vikings you better wear your big boy pants. A tough team that fights to the end. Do not count them out yet.

15). Baltimore Ravens- Still don’t think they are that good, but the division is a mess.

16). Tennessee Titans- Contender to win the AFC South, I think they will win it.

17). New Orleans Saints- Tough loss to Denver, they need to bounce back quickly this week against the Panthers.

18). Indianapolis Colts- Coming off the bye week.

19). Pittsburgh Steelers- Still think they pull it together enough to win the North.

20). Arizona Cardinals- They barely got by the 49ers.

21). Buffalo Bills- If they want a shot at the playoffs they need a win in Cincy this week.

22). San Diego Chargers- The kings of losing close games.

23). Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Dominated Chicago, you just never know week to week which team will show up?

24). Green Bay Packers- Just a bad team right now.

25). Cincinnati Bengals- Will not turn it around until Marvin Lewis is gone.

26). Los Angeles Rams- How do they have 4 wins?

27). Carolina Panthers- Super Bowl hangover?

28). New York Jets- They lost 9-6, need I say more?

29). Chicago Bears- Got blown out by the Bucs.

30). Jacksonville Jaguars- Same thin different week.

31). San Fransisco 49ers- At least they were close this time.

32). Cleveland Browns- Still have not won a game.

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