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Liberals keep unsuccessfully putting up smokescreens to divert the public’s attention away from their failed policies and their failed candidates, like two-time Presidential wannabe Hillary Clinton.

Liberal reporter Mike Barnicle recently tried to bait ( Distract )Congressman Trey Gowdy with a trap by saying, “One of the things that goes unspoken in large extent is Russian interference in the American political process.”

He added, “Would you care to rank, in terms of priority, Hillary Clinton’s emails versus the clearly established Russian interference in our electoral process? Which is more important?” Shot back Gowdy, sending the trap, “Is it an option that they’re both important, or do I have to pick between the two?”

Barnicle restated, “Well, you can do whatever you choose to do, obviously, but I mean, which concerns you more?” Gowdy didn’t fall for it. He answered, “Both. I don’t think I have to pick between the two.”

“I think foreign interference in our election is terrible, and I think mishandling classified information is terrible … They’re both important, they both ought to be looked into, and it’s not up to me which is more deleterious to our republic.” How much do you love Gowdy for shutting this sneaky liberal down?

Here is the Video :

Source : Conservative101