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Tucker Carlson squared off against a nutty college professor, Rene de La Pedraja. He is a PHD, and as you will see, this proves just how flawed our education system must be.

First he explained why it is okay that the government didn’t allow their citizens to leave and essentially made all its citizens prisoner. “Put yourself in the place of the Cuban government,” he started.

“They spend a lot of money educating a doctor, and then when he’s ready to practice, ‘Well, I’ll just go to the US and earn those high salaries there.’ So you can see this attempt to restrict. There was some economic reasons for that, it was not just that it was a totalitarian system,” he said.

His arguments got even more ridiculous. “He’s become a symbol, not just in Cuba, but throughout the world, for people who, believe it or not, are seeking freedom, are seeking opportunities,” said Pedraja.

Tucker Carlson fought back and pointed out his terrible logic. “That’s a deeply, deeply cruel and unfair thing to say. You should be ashamed,” Carlson said. Check out the interview below.


Source : conservative101