The Final 2020 Election Has Been Decided – Victory Declared With 123-Vote Margin By New York Republican Tenney

What’s Happening:

Americans were shocked to see several elections from 2020 get dragged out of weeks and months.

States blamed mail-ballots and other “errors.” But after a certain point, you really have to wonder just how bad these officials are at their jobs.

These ongoing problems shook the confidence in our election process. Many to this day might never trust it again.

But believe it or not, one had not even been decided until now.

From Newsmax:

Republican Claudia Tenney has declared victory in the drawn-out race for New York’s 22nd Congressional District race with a 123-vote lead, News-9 reports.

“Boards of Elections in all eight counties completed their court-ordered canvass yesterday; Republican candidate Claudia Tenney prevailed in that process,” a Tenney spokesperson said. “It’s time for Anthony Brindisi’s Washington operatives to accept the results and stop playing politics with the integrity of our elections.”

A race for New York’s 22nd Congressional District had been dragging on. But Republican Claudia Tenney declared victory with a slim 123 vote lead.

She urged her rival to concede and let the race finally end.

Apparently, the Democrat still had legal challenges pending. But if recent history is any indication, the courts won’t do a thing.

(But this is a Democrat, so you never know…)

The agonizingly long race highlighted the problems in our current election system. Some states have worked overtime to provide quality counting systems with few problems, like Florida and Texas.

But it seems states with a long history of liberal leadership just can’t seem to count those pesty votes right.

It has led to dragged out counting, recounting, and recanvassing. After a certain point, the patience of the voters run out.

This election proves major changes need to be made to our voting systems. We can’t have another 2020.

But it remains to be seen if states bother to fix what’s broken.

Are you ready to see Republicans roar back in 2022?