What’s Happening:

Recently, Joe Biden announced he was preparing measures to clamp down on gun ownership.

He directed the DOJ to prepare policy and rules that could limit Americans’ access to firearms.

Conservatives struck back—and hard—after the news came out. It’s hard to argue that Biden is laying the groundwork for further limits on the Second Amendment, like banning semi-automatic rifles and a nationwide “red flag” law.

Well, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott was not at all pleased with this move. And he’s taking steps to ensure Texans, at least, stay free.

From The Epoch Times:

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on April 9 publicly denounced the Biden administration’s planned actions on gun control and called for legislation to make Texas a Second Amendment sanctuary state…

The Republican governor added, “We will NOT allow this in TX. It’s time to get legislation making TX a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary State passed and to my desk for signing.”

Gov. Abbott of Texas has previously pushed to make Texas a “Second Amendment sanctuary.” With news of Biden’s gun control campaign, Abbott is becoming even more urgent.

A Second Amendment sanctuary appears to play off of the “sanctuary state” policy of many blue states.

In the same way liberals try to protect non-citizens from deportation, a Second Amendment sanctuary would defy federal gun control laws. People living in a Second Amendment sanctuary would apparently not be required to follow gun control rules coming from D.C.

At least, that’s how it might work in theory. Such laws have not been tested in the courts. Many conservative states have laws defending residents’ gun rights.

But we’ve yet to see a state pass laws that directly oppose federal gun control laws.

Such a move could generate ongoing legal battles, forcing the Supreme Court to weigh in.

Abbott announced his intentions to openly defy “any new federal gun control laws.” So, it seems Texas will be the first to aggressively push back on Biden’s agenda.

According to the governor, legislation is already moving through the state House and Senate. If passed, he would sign it immediately.

Key Takeaways:

  • Conservatives have lashed out after Biden announced new gun control moves.
  • Texas Gov. announced his intentions on making the state a “Second Amendment sanctuary.”
  • If passed, such a law would defy federal gun control, giving Texans more freedom.

Source: The Epoch Times