Supreme Court Just Shook Up Washington – For The First Time, Its Official Photo Shows All Three Of Trump’s Picks

When Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed on, Democrats said then-President Donald Trump shouldn’t have been allowed to nominate her replacement, as it happened just weeks before the 2020 election.

But Trump got that pick through, much to the dismay of many leftists. And as expected, he selected Amy Coney Barrett, a clear supporter of Conservative ideals.

That’s why Democrats probably won’t like what the Supreme Court just released:

It’s the Court’s latest official photo and it shows all 9 of the current Court Justices. This comes as leftist politicians around the nation continue to push to expand the number of Justices.

Republicans have always said Democrats only want to do this to grab more power. It’s about having more liberal Justices to combat the likes of Trump’s picks.

But that doesn’t change the reality of the situation, as this photo proves.

For the first time ever, it shows all three of Donald Trump’s picks:

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Only two of those Justices, Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor, were nominated by President Barack Obama. So Trump having three on the court is bound to rile many ardent left-wingers.

Remember, Democrats got annoyed in 2016 when Republicans didn’t confirm Obama pick Merrick Garland (who is now President Joe Biden’s attorney general).

Judges Samuel Alito and John Roberts were nominations by President George W. Bush, President Bill Clinton nominated Judge Stephen Breyer, and Justice Clarence Thomas was nominated by President George H.W. Bush.

The three by Trump are: Brett Kavanaugh, Neil Gorsuch, and Amy Coney Barrett.

This also means that Trump has 1 more pick on the court than any other President right now.

The GOP argues that this is a big reason why Democrats want to increase the number of Justices on the Court. Republicans also claim Democrats fully support “court packing.”

This is an argument that will continue to rage throughout 2020. But for the time being, Trump’s picks stand tall — and 9 is the number.

But what might the highest court in the land look like at the end of Biden’s tenure?

Trump responded with:

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