After Protesters Break Into State Capitol – The Governor Quickly Signs 2 Bills To Crack Down In Oklahoma

Protests and riots have unfortunately become commonplace in recent years. Democrats suggested these would decrease under the “healing” of the Biden administration, but protesting continues.

And in some cases, it causes serious problems. Not only do such demonstrations hold up daily life, they can also be dangerous for everyone involved — including innocent passerby.

That’s why one state has decided not to protect protesters who break the law.

The legislation is very controversial, which explains why demonstrators actually broke into the state capital to rail against the new laws. This caused a lockdown for the House and Senate.

They couldn’t stop the legislation from passing, though.

Now, protesters and rioters who block roadways in the state of Oklahoma better start watching for oncoming traffic. And police officers are now freer to do their jobs.

This might give future protesters pause — now they know they’re not immune to law and order, and if they’re blocking roads they could get hurt.

Via Fox News:

Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt (R) approved of two bills that crack down on protests Wednesday, just as demonstrators angry about the legislation barged into the state capitol, prompting the House and Senate chambers to lock their doors.

The group that stormed the capitol protested a bill that increases penalties for blocking roadways, and gives motorists immunity if they happen to injure or kill any of the demonstrators.

It wasn’t a pretty sight just before the bills were passed:

Despite the ruckus, the bill passed 38-10 in the Senate and is now in the hands of Republican Governor Kevin Stitt, and he’s expected to sign them into law very soon.

The bill also makes blocking a public street a misdemeanor crime, and can be punished by up to a year in prison or a $5,000 fine.

This new law was inspired by an incident last year, when a pickup truck drove through a crowd protesting the death of George Floyd.

The driver of the truck had his family in the car and was obviously concerned, as the protesters were spilling into the street. Some ended up getting injured due to the truck’s passing.

But as Sen. Rob Standridge, who wrote the bill, said:

The kids cowered in the back seat because they feared for their lives. That’s what this bill is about.

One would argue that he has a valid point. Innocent civilians shouldn’t have to fear for their lives when protests and rioting breaks out.

On top of that, if the protesters are breaking laws, they shouldn’t be protected. And the law should be enforced, which would ideally dissuade people from causing mass chaos in public.

And with angry demonstrators breaking into the state capitol, that sort of proves the point Republicans are trying to make with these new laws.

Key Takeaways:

  • The state Senate in Oklahoma passed 2 bills that clamp down on protesters and rioters.
  • This happened just minutes after demonstrators broke into the state capitol to protest the new legislation.
  • The bills would turn blocking public streets into a misdemeanor crime, and grants immunity to drivers who might injure protesters in the street.

Source: Fox News