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A Northern Arizona University student had her grade docked by her professor for using the word “mankind” in a paper.

Cailin Jeffers, an English major at NAU, was penalized one point out of a possible 50 by English professor Dr. Anne Scott for not using a gender-neutral term, Campus Reform reported.

On “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Jeffers said she had a discussion with Scott, who claimed that type of “gendered language” is sexist, oppressive and anti-woman.

Tucker created a hypothetical scenario: If a student in Scott’s class wore a burka because she wasn’t allowed to show her hair to men, would Scott declare that sexist?

“She wouldn’t say a thing about it,” Jeffers said. “I have no idea why feminists are obsessing over tiny, little microaggressions such as issues like how the word ‘mankind’ is used when there are women living under Sharia law who are actually oppressed by an actual patriarchy.”

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By S.K.