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In light of Fox News’ report that former National Security Adviser Susan Rice ordered the ‘unmasking’ of Trump associates mentioned in surveillance activity, Tucker Carlson pressed another former Obama aide for further explanation.

Carlson asked former Obama campaign adviser David Tafuri why Rice would “lie” about her role in the unmasking of people in Trump’s orbit.


Tafuri said he didn’t know why Rice said that and wasn’t sure that she was lying at the time.

He said it is legal for citizens to be caught in surveillance of foreign entities or for their names to be ‘unmasked’ if there is a specific procedural reason for it.

Carlson said that the report showed the surveillance material had little to do with the investigation into whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia during the election.

He pressed Tafuri on what evidence there was, or is, that Russian interference threw the election in Trump’s favor, which would have been the grounds for such surveillance.

Tafuri pointed to FBI Director James Comey as saying Russia hacked into the Democratic National Committee’s computer system and that of John Podesta.

Carlson countered that there is no reason to take an official at their unverified word, even someone of Comey’s stature.

“Give me one scintilla of evidence that the Russian government broke into John Podesta’s emails,” he said, continuing to ask Tafuri to lay out physical evidence.


By S.K.