He was supposed to be taking this seriously – caught him!

From the start, Democrats wanted us to take this impeachment seriously.

Impeachment can have grave consequences, after all.[contentad widget=”427100″]

Yet the Democrats seem to have done everything in their power to make it a circus.

It’s no wonder Americans have rejected this clearly partisan sham. And it seems that the Democrats’ own party members can’t even take it seriously, anymore.

In fact, during an important hearing this week, one of their own—Georgia Democrat Cedric Richmond—was caught tuning out impeachment and tuning in from his laptop.

From Fox News:

Richmond appeared to have been watching a golf tournament on his laptop during a procedural roll call, which aired in full-view on CNN.

“What on earth is Democrat Rep. Cedric Richmond watching on his laptop during this impeachment markup?” GOP rapid response director Steve Guest asked. “To me, it looks like Rep. Richmond is watching the President’s Cup golf tournament. Richmond’s actions are a DISGRACE.”

Yeah, good job, Democrats. This impeachment is so serious, your guy is watching a golf tournament during a hearing.

Um… you guys do know that impeachment is a serious, country-shaking event, right? You’re literally trying to remove the president from office.

Yet from day one, it seems like this has been a game to the Democrats.

They accuse Trump of “high crimes and misdemeanors,” but don’t seem able to prove it. Nadler was caught dozing during a hearing.

Pelosi refuses to answer questions about it on CNN.

Schiff made up a “parody” version of the Ukraine-U.S. phone call.

Now Richmond is watching golf instead of paying attention in this meeting.

Shouldn’t he be paying attention? Is this what Americans elected these people to do? Watch golf while they should be working?

And the Democrats wonder why Americans are so outraged.

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Source: Fox NewsTwitter

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