Nancy Pelosi is using the crisis to push a progressive agenda. Her latest “relief” package was loaded with funding for a liberal wish list.

It’s hard to argue that the $3 trillion she wants to spend is all about COVID-19. Trump has even promised to veto the bill, if it reached his desk.

But a few “conservative” senators seem to agree with Pelosi. And they want to increase government spending.

From Fox News:

A contingent of GOP senators has supported moving forward with another relief package.

“Our bill would help offset the collapse of state and local revenues resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic,” Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, said on the Senate floor Wednesday.

Dang. Six GOP senators are pressuring McConnell to back a massive spending bill. The bill would provide more payments to individuals as well as increased cash for infrastructure.

President Trump has recently mentioned using this moment to improve the nation’s infrastructure. But he has been very bold in his desire to reopen the country, instead of shelling out more cash payments.

Instead of focusing on payroll tax cuts or other business-minded relief, these six senators want to follow in the left’s footsteps by expanding our national debt.

Collins, Gardner, Hawley, Blunt, Wicker, and even Graham seem to think this is a good opportunity for the government to race through whatever cash it has.

Keep in mind: millions of people are still out of work (i.e.: not earning paychecks). Many businesses are still shutdown.

Our Take:

So, where is this money for stimulus payments and infrastructure coming from? The government gets its money from tax revenue. But no businesses, no revenue!

Do these senators think, as Democrats, that money just grows on trees? The Fed just can’t keep printing money… unless we want out-of-control inflation.

It boggles my mind that Congress isn’t trying everything in its power to reopen the economy. Stimulus checks and loans are like putting a Band-Aid on a cancer patient.

We need to get Americans back to work, not looking for more excuses to spend money.

When an individual is in debt, the last thing they should do is spend money they don’t have. They need to start working to pay off that debt, right?

Why can’t these Republicans figure that out? You don’t get out of a hole by digging further down..

Congress needs to work with Trump to do what they can to end the lockdowns and bring us back to normal. Do you agree?

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Source: Fox News