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Tucker Carlson debated a Democratic congressman over the merits of President Trump‘s missile strike against a Syrian airfield.

Congressman Seth Moulton (D-Mass.), a former Marine Corps officer, said he agreed with Trump’s action in response to a gas attack on Syrian civilians.

However, he said Congress should still investigate whether Trump is working in some level of coordination with the Russians.


Moulton acknowledged that by striking back against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Trump was effectively working against the Russians.

But he noted the U.S. military got the Kremlin’s forces out of the base before the strike.

He said that some people could see such a move as an “elaborate ruse” to relieve pressure from Democrats over his alleged Russian ties.

“Where is Trump going with this?” Moulton said, adding that he himself was not making that particular claim.

Tucker Carlson said that many of Trump’s actions, from seeking energy independence to increasing the defense budget, should give Russian President Vladimir Putin cause for concern.

Moulton said he hoped Carlson was right, but maintained that an investigation of Trump and his associates must proceed.

Carlson said he was “in awe” that Moulton could come up with “a conspiracy so grand” in order to continue to cast doubt on Trump’s intentions.


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