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One week after debating Tucker Carlson on the merits of his city’s sanctuary policy, Mayor Virgil Bernero (D-Lansing) returned to break some news on that front.

Bernero said that after “democracy in action,” he and his city council are reconsidering their decision to become a sanctuary for illegal immigrants.

The council was meeting on the issue as Bernero spoke on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

However, he said that his initial policy was not an example of the liberal sanctuary city policies created by some other municipalities.

He said there is no evidence that Michigan’s capital is “opening the floodgates” to illegal immigrants as some have characterized.

Bernero said he agreed with President Trump‘s campaign promise to rid the country of “bad hombres” from elsewhere in the world, but added that he saw no issue with allowing the law-abiding illegals to settle in Lansing.

He called the possibility that the White House would try to deport tens of millions of illegal immigrants “absurd.”

Carlson asked if Bernero would follow New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s (D) policy of considering a DUI arrest insufficient grounds for deportation.

Bernero said that he would not necessarily deport a first-offense drunk-driving illegal immigrant, but if that person inflicted harm on others or was a repeat offender, he would reconsider.





By S.K.