By Wayne Allyn Root

The media, politicians and the DC Swamp haven’t got a clue what the people think and feel. As a matter of fact, they are always dead wrong about everything.

Let’s start with my personal experiences on Wednesday morning. As the leading conservative radio host in Las Vegas, with the powerhouse afternoon-drive radio show on KBET 790 AM, I called for a Trump Car Parade to celebrate President Trump and show the media how we felt about a stolen election.

Thousands of cars and an estimated 10,000 people showed up for my event to celebrate President Trump. Pound for pound (per capita) this might be the biggest turnout in all of America for President Trump. In a town never known for politics, let alone conservative politics. In a state (Nevada) that Democrats and the media claim Trump lost.

Last time Biden showed up here, 20 people attended. A Biden car parade later in the day attracted a few dozen cars.

At my parade, thousands of cars adorned with American flags and Trump flags dominated the world-famous Vegas Strip for three hours. As usual, this outpouring of love and support for Trump went unrecorded by the media. There was barely a mention on any local TV news program, no mention in the Vegas newspaper.