Republican Claudia Tenney has once again taken the lead by 12 votes against Democrat incumbent lawmaker Anthony Brindisi in a nail biter House Race in NY’s 22nd district.

Per Josh Rosenblatt:

NEW: The Herkimer County BOE has apparently revised its final, unofficial count. @claudiatenney (R) nets 35 votes,

@RepBrindisi (D) 10. In the latest twist and turn in this race, Tenney once again leads by 12 votes in #NY22

Rosenblatt adds:

This info comes courtesy of a Brindisi team legal filing critical of the nature of the updated count. The filing claims the Brindisi campaign found out about the updated numbers on Twitter, not through the proper channels.

To my understanding, Herkimer had problems with their vote count and simply made some basic math and counting errors the first time around.

When I called the county’s attorney to confirm this new information, he replied, “No comment, no comment, no comment.” #NY22

Dave Wasserman of the Cook Report called the update “Whiplash.”

He added “now it’s Claudia Tenney (R) back ahead of Rep. Anthony Brindisi (D) by 12 votes in #NY22 after Herkimer Co. revises its count. Legal fight far from over.”

Tenney now leads in the betting market of PredictIt. If she holds on for the win, she will have flipped another blue seat red.

Republicans have already added 11 seats, not counting Tenney’s possible win if she holds on.

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