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Joe Biden keeps urging Donald Trump to concede the 2020 election, but the President clearly has no plans to quit. His campaign’s lawsuits remain in full effect in multiple states.

And one of the most important battleground states is Pennsylvania, where Trump held a sizable lead – reportedly as high as 800,000 votes – before many mail-in votes were counted.

Ever since Biden came back and won the state, Trump’s team has come down hard on PA.

They’ve alleged multiple examples of voting irregularities, including suspected votes cast by deceased individuals, failure to properly oversee the counting process, and undated ballots.

Well, the President’s campaign has finally earned a victory on one of those points: the undated ballots from absentee voters.

A judge just handed Trump a much-needed win and though it won’t change the state’s results, Donald’s team undoubtedly considers it a step in the right direction.

Via The Daily Wire:

A Pennsylvania judge sided with the Trump campaign on Thursday, reversing a lower court decision by ruling to toss thousands of ballots without dates.

According to Buzzfeed’s Zoe Tillman, a Commonwealth Court judge ruled that 2,349 absentee ballots in Allegheny County that didn’t hold a valid date can’t be counted.

This is a welcome change for Trump’s efforts.[contentad widget=”427100″]

Prior to this ruling, his campaign’s requests in other counties to toss undated ballots have been rejected (though they’re issuing appeals in those counties):

Other PA judges have rejected the Trump campaign’s challenges to absentee ballots with declaration deficiencies such as missing dates, addresses, or printed names — those cases are still pending up on appeal.

Therefore, the Allegheny County ruling could prove significant, as it’s feasible other higher courts could overturn lower-court rulings regarding this issue. We may also see it in other states as well.

Most politicians and members of the media say the race is over, but Trump and his allies will keep fighting. Especially in PA.

Just recently, Rudy Giuliani alleged Pennsylvania had 682,770 ballots “that weren’t inspected,” and should in turn be rejected. He also claims there were “two different standards” in parts of the state.

If those 682K ballots were tossed, like these Allegheny County ones were, that would make a huge difference.

And while many say that’s highly unlikely, the lawsuits will have to be settled and the results certified before Donald Trump finally concedes.

Key Takeaways:

  • A judge in PA just handed Trump’s campaign a court victory.
  • He reversed the ruling of a lower-court judge, and has ordered that 2,349 undated absentee ballots be tossed.
  • Other counties have rejected the Trump team’s efforts to ditch undated ballots, but the campaign is appealing.

Source: The Daily Wire