What’s Happening:

Get ready… for another two years of a Congress that gets nothing done and wastes our time and money. All thanks to Speaker of the House, old Nancy Pelosi.

Democrats lost seats but kept control of the House by a slim margin. Pelosi is back as Speaker, but probably for the last time. The 80+ Democrat coerced her party to come back and vote for her, breaking House rules in the process.

To do it, she ignored the very COVID rules she’s been demanding for months.

From the Daily Wire:

House officials built a special plexiglass box in the chamber Sunday so that members who had been exposed to COVID-19 — or, in one case, had tested positive but been cleared from quarantine — could still cast their votes.

And worse, she defied rules every American has been forced to follow. From Fox News:

House lawmakers abandoned social distancing protocols on Sunday evening as Speaker Nancy Pelosi read the oath to officially swear in the new freshman members of the 117th Congress.

While many of the members appear to be wearing masks, video shows hundreds of lawmakers wandering around the chamber speaking with each other in close contact and shaking hands.

Wow. The COVID pandemic must not be too bad, because Nancy thinks it’s okay for old men and women in Congress walked around with no social distancing to shake hands and talk. And to televise it to the nation.

House rules required that infected members stay home. Yet Pelosi forced them back to Washington, including some that were still positive for the virus.

They erected a glass barrier so they could cast their votes for Pelosi. Oh, is that all that is needed to get back to normal?

Since March 2020, many have been forced to stay home, children have been denied regular education, and many businesses were shut down.

But apparently, it’s totally fine, as long as you have a thin sheet of plexiglass. And if you’re a Democrat trying to keep your grip on power.

Once again, Pelosi shows she thinks she’s above the rest of us. As Americans continue to suffer under COVID restrictions, old Nance gets around them whenever she pleases.

Source: Daily WireFox News