Riots over the death of George Floyd began in Minneapolis, the land of Ilhan Omar.

The Democrat-run city refused to bring order until Trump got involved. They neglected their cops, leading to a tragic death.

Now, their city’s leaders—totally out-of-touch—have a brilliant plan to “fix” the problem. Except, it will make things much worse.

From the NY Post:

Members of the Minneapolis City Council pledged to “dismantle” the city’s police department in the wake of worldwide protests over the killing of George Floyd.

Council President Lisa Bender joined several other members in promises to drastically change how public safety is upheld in the city.

Minneapolis’ city council is mulling the possibility of getting rid of their police department altogether.

These members (including one espoused Antifa member) promised to introduce another method of keeping the city safe. Sure.

Our Take:

Get out of Minneapolis NOW.

It was totally unacceptable that Democrat cities let the riots happen at all.

But for city council members to be even discussing getting rid of cops!? This has gone beyond parody. This is total insanity.

The death of George Floyd happened because Democrats neglected the police department. If you respect cops, you hold them to a high standard.

You’ll get rid of bad cops and promote good cops. You make sure they are trained and well-equipped.

If you want chaos, violence, and misery (for largely black communities) you spit on the cops and remove their funding.

If you want a Mad Max-style apocalypse, you get rid of cops altogether.

Minneapolis will have to change their name to Minnea when they remove the police. It’s a disgrace.

It’s insane that I even have to write this article. Democrats are actually voting to put American lives on the chopping block.

They have so lost their way (and their minds), that they don’t even want honest, hard-working people to protect their streets.

But don’t worry. Every last council member will be safe in their private communities, with armed guards and security.

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Source: The NY Post

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