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Sunday, NFL Legend Herschel Walker tweeted “I still have a lot of faith in Sidney Powell.”

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He also tweeted separately “All you Doubters will be shocked when @SidneyPowell1
lays the SMACKDOWN on many of the people you have trusted for years!”

Earlier in the day Walker tweeted “They didn’t bring us this far for the Trump Train to run out of gas, so keep the faith.”

This came after the Trump Campaign released a statement that Sidney Powell is practicing law on her own and not a lawyer for the President or on the Trump legal team.

I agree with the campaign’s statement that I am not part of the campaign’s legal team. I never signed a retainer agreement or sent the President or the campaign a bill for my expenses or fees.

My intent has always been to expose all the fraud I could find and let the chips fall where they may–whether it be upon Republicans or Democrats.

The evidence I’m compiling is overwhelming that this software tool was used to shift millions of votes from President Trump and other Republican candidates to Biden and other Democrat candidates.  We are proceeding to prepare our lawsuit and plan to file it this week.  It will be epic.

We will not allow this great Republic to be stolen by communists from without and within or our votes altered or manipulated by foreign actors in Hong Kong, Iran, Venezuela, or Serbia, for example, who have neither regard for human life nor the people who are the engine of this exceptional country.

#WeThePeople elected Donald Trump and other Republican candidates to restore the vision of America as a place of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.