Nancy Pelosi Just Refused To Transfer Impeachment – Like Last Time, She May Be Trying To Hold Up Senate Trial


What’s Happening:

Is Nancy Pelosi playing political games (again)? She got the House to vote on a rushed, uninvestigated charge of impeachment against Donald Trump.

Many said she did not have time to get proper evidence of their accusation. Others say that the Senate won’t even be able to vote on the charge after Trump leaves office.

Despite all this, Pelosi pulled whatever clout she has left to hammer Trump again. But after all that divisive rhetoric, guess what she’s doing?

From Fox News:

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., after overseeing the impeachment of Trump… has yet to send the article of impeachment to the Senate.

Pelosi did not answer questions during a Friday press conference on when she would send over the article. Her office also did not immediately respond to a message from Fox News on Monday morning asking when she would send the article.

Nancy Pelosi has not yet sent the one article of impeachment to the Senate. She has also refused to explain why she is delaying it.

Perhaps she thinks McConnell would immediately dismiss it. So, she’s waiting until Schumer becomes majority leader.

That won’t happen until after Trump is gone, raising more questions. Can the Senate charge a former president of impeachment? What’s the point of that?

(And how will that “unite” the country, as Democrats keep saying they want to do?)

The last time she impeached Trump, Pelosi sat on the articles for weeks. Some wondered if she was doing that for political reasons.

It didn’t go to the Senate until late January 2020, distracting from the chance Congress could act on this little-known virus… called coronavirus.

This time, nobody knows why she’s waiting. Many believe Democrats are doing this just to prevent Trump from running again.

But legal experts challenge the idea of prosecuting a president after he’s out of office.

Does Pelosi finally realize she’s up a creek without a paddle? Or is she continuing to just play games with our country’s future?

Source: Fox News