Mike Pence Just Took Trump’s Side For The Last Time – The Vice President Says Donald Kept America Out Of New Wars


What’s Happening:

Many Americans, especially Trump supporters, have criticized Mike Pence in recent days for not trying to send the election results back to the states.

But you won’t hear from the media about what Pence has been saying and doing recently.

The vice president has been sticking up for Trump and the impact he had over his four years in office in the final hours of their time in the White House.

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And he is very proud of something Trump did no president has done in many decades. From Breitbart:

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence used a series of meetings with troops over the weekend to declare his pride that America entered no new wars during President Donald Trump’s administration.

“I’m proud to say, with just a few days left in this administration, this this is the first administration in decades not to get America into a new war,” Pence said…

Pence took to Twitter early Monday morning to again say he is “proud” the Trump administration “is the first in decades” not to get the U.S. entangled in a new war.

When Donald Trump took office, his critics claimed he’d start all kinds of new conflict overseas. In fact, they claimed his efforts against rogue nation Iran would lead to “World War III.”

Nothing they claimed actually happened. In fact, Trump worked tirelessly to de-escalate conflict overseas. He ended major conflicts in the Middle East, defeated ISIS, and brought many of our troops home.

He even helped broker historic agreements between Israel and nations that once hated them.

And that’s not even discussing his progress with other formally hostile nations and groups.

Much in keeping with the “experts” claims, Trump delivered on promises that many said he wouldn’t. His efforts even garnered him three Nobel Peace Prize nominations.

No president in recent memory could claim that. In fact, most presidents in the last few decades were responsible for increased conflict and war. That includes many that the left praised, like JFK and Obama.

We have to wonder if future presidents, including Joe Biden, would be able to continue that kind of legacy?

Will Biden’s administration be able to land historic agreements with former enemies? Will he be able to continue Trump’s example of peace through strength?

Do you think Biden has a chance of being as good a president as Trump has been?

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Source: Breitbart