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So, Dr. Phill recently brought The PizzaGate Scandal back to light which the mainstream media tried sweep under the rug.

The young woman he talked to is referred to herself as Kendall, claimed that she was born in a world of child sex slavery involving many known politicians and elite US citizens.

This story first saw daylight when WikiLeaks shared emails of John Podesta, Clonton’s Staff Chief. All sexual acts and child descriptions were replaced by food terms and those codes were confirmed and verified by law enforcement officials, but major investigations have not happened yet.


In the interview, Kendall is claimed that she believed the sole purpose she was brought in this world was to be a slave. Like she was brought out to this world with the intention of being abused and sexually assaulted, being passed around from males and females all her life.

But that was not all that Kendall revealed. She also added slaughter of 5-year-olds as part of a ritual sacrifice that was required of her. Publicly opening up about a felony like that is a reason enough for opening an investigation and starting a case.

According to a report from Freedom Daily: “Kendall also claims that she was trafficked to pedophile politicians, and was taken to political parties attended by high-level politicians who used her for their personal pleasure. Kendall stated that these sick politicians took great care to hide what they were actually doing. She also confirmed that there are many high-ranking U.S. politicians that have been engaging in raping children for many years. Which is a reality that has consistently been covered up and completely hidden from the voters.”

The story that Kendall is presented was disturbing enough for the masses to wonder if it is even real. But, it is safe to say that, since Dr. Phill’s team had already confirmed it with the law enforcement experts.

Despite liberal medias’ tendencies to shut down Dr.Phils work, he is not alone taking a stand against the pedophiles. Reportedly, he also has Trumps’ support. He recently claimed that he has a plan to go after those trafficking people. And if these supposed rumors are true,the resistance of the Democrats is clear as day. Once they are exposed, they, hopefully, will be properly punished.

With that being said, it leaves us with no wondering why the media refuses to publish and further investigate the case. The damage would be fatal, leaving the entire worldwide government structure destructed.

To conclude,  this case deserves a thorough investigating for it shall be needed in court, so that a jury can decide innocent or guilty. Until then, we are left wondering why is it that there is not one in motion already ?

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By S.K.