Joe Biden Just Got Sued By Arizona Attorney General – He’s Trying To Stop Joe’s “Unconscionable” Order On Deportation

President Joe Biden signed a lot of executive orders in his first weeks in office; more than any other President in history, in fact. But some of them have become extremely controversial.

Republicans and Conservatives have already pushed back against some of the more questionable edicts. This includes a few pretty serious lawsuits leveled against the Biden administration.

And another just came in from Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich.

It didn’t take long for Biden to flex his newfound executive muscle: just hours after stepping into the Oval Office, POTUS signed an order that halts all deportations.

It will take effect immediately, and it means the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) can’t deport anyone for more than three months.

The current administration is already facing a surge of individuals crossing the border from Mexico, as thousands sought to take advantage of a more lenient President.

But Brnovich isn’t standing for it. Via Breitbart:

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich has filed suit against President Joe Biden’s administration for its Department of Homeland Security (DHS) memo that seeks to halt deportations of illegal aliens for at least 100 days.

This isn’t the first lawsuit Biden’s deportation order has created, either.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton filed suit against it last week, for instance. And a federal judge has temporarily blocked Joe’s mandate, too.

Arizona AG Brnovich alleges that this new policy of Biden’s violates federal law, as well as the state’s agreement with DHS.

Then there’s the ongoing COVID-19 issue, as many of the released individuals weren’t tested for the virus, and now they’re out. Brnovich said this puts even more strain on the state healthcare system.

Overall, Brnovich calls the order “unconscionable”:

It is unconscionable for DHS to release potentially dangerous detainees into our state, especially when no efforts are made to coordinate with applicable courts and probation departments.

I am asking the court to enforce the law.

As we enter a new administration, we once again face the issue of our southern border.

President Donald Trump sought to enforce the barrier, and he too wished to enforce existing law. But the Biden administration sees things very differently, of course.

And this will likely lead to more clashes with southern state officials and lawmakers, as they attempt to deal with the seemingly endless waves coming from Middle and South America.