Jill Biden Wraps Up Cesar Chavez Day Speech by Butchering ‘Sí Se Puede’

As America is dealing with a raging border crisis, Jill Biden is trying to give speeches praising immigrants.

And she can’t even pronounce the phrase she’s using to pander for support.

While speaking to a tiny crowd in Delano, California, Biden was attempting to celebrate Cesar Chavez’s birthday.

Cesar Chavez, a “hero” to people in the labor movement, was an activist who fought for fair wages for farmworkers.

Of course, Democrats fail to mention — or they haven’t bothered to do their research — is that Chavez was strongly opposed to illegal immigration.

Biden spoke at the Forty Acres National Historic Landmark in Delano where Chavez formed his first union.

“He is a union person. I am a member of the teachers union,” Biden said during a speech. “We are a union couple.”

Biden wrapped up her Cesar Chavez Day speech by butchering “Sí Se Puede” – Spanish for “Yes, it is possible” or “Yes, we can”


While Jill Biden had a hard time speaking, her husband has an equally tough time walking.

While climbing the stairs to board Air Force One on Wednesday, Biden almost slipped but he was able to balance himself.


This is the second time Biden has had trouble climbing stairs.

While trying to board Air Force One two weeks ago, he slipped and nearly fell multiple times.

The 78-year-old Biden had to cling to the guardrail to keep from falling completely each time.

Check it out below:

Biden is touring the country for his “Help is Here” event, which he thinks will be a good way of showcasing the highly partisan $1.9 trillion COVID-19 stimulus bill.

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Kamala Harris had quite the exchange with a reporter over the relief bill.

Harris lashed out when asked why Biden’s administration feels the need to “sell” the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan if it’s so popular.

Harris spoke to reporters during a visit to Las Vegas and was asked: “Madam Vice President, the White House said — the White House has said repeatedly that this is a very popular law. If that’s the case, why is it important to get out and sell it?”

“It’s not selling it,” Harris objected. “It’s literally letting people know their rights. Right?”

“It’s kind of like you — you buy a product, you’ve already been sold a product, but you need some directions on the box usually. Right?” she asked.

“And so this is about, ‘Hey, know that you’re entitled to this. File your taxes so that you can speed up the benefits that you’re going to receive. Talk to your friends and neighbors about getting vaccinations because we are speeding up the delivery and the supply of vaccinations in sites like UNLV,’” Harris continued.

“These are the things we’re doing to let people know what they’re entitled to and spread the word. Think of it more as a public education campaign. This is what’s happening, this is what you’re entitled to receive, and so go out there and get it. Okay,” she added.

Another reporter asked Harris about any planned tax increases to cover all the “Help” that is “Here.”

“Part of what the president and I are talking about is also reminding people to file their taxes,” she said.

“We’ve got 30 days to do it before April 15. There are a number of folks who don’t file taxes if their income is too low, but it would actually help them get their benefits quicker and maybe even direct deposits if they file their taxes now, so we want to encourage people to do that so that they know what their rights are right now,” Harris added.

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Watch the exchange below:

There has never been a vice president in history who has had such a prominent role in the presidency as Harris.

The emphasis on Harris shouldn’t surprise the American people considering Biden’s mental state continues to decline.

Conservative pundit Dan Bongino, who is also a former Secret Service agent, told Fox News host Sean Hannity that his sources inside the agency are telling him Joe Biden’s mental state is deteriorating to the point it is becoming very problematic.

Bongino went on to say that even sources he has outside of the Secret Service but who are still in Biden’s orbit know that he’s not just “lost a step” but he’s lost the ability to function adequately.