The Senate runoff races in Georgia will help determine the political landscape for the next four years.

If Democrats can sweep both elections, they will gain a slight edge in the Senate. And they already have control of the House.

On top of that, they’d presumably have Joe Biden as President.

This would lead to a pretty hefty Blue advantage in Washington D.C. So you can understand why this would be beneficial to Biden.

Perhaps that’s why he’s saying Americans will benefit financially if they vote Democrat in Georgia this week.

Biden is referring to the controversial relief bill and corresponding $2,000 stimulus checks, which remain in limbo.

Via Breitbart:

President-elect Joe Biden promised Monday in Georgia that $2000 stimulus checks would go out to Americans ‘immediately’ if Democrat Senate candidates were elected.

Biden said it’s “literally true” that if Democrat candidates Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock win, those checks will “go out the door.”

On the flip side, he added that if either Republican candidate gets in – Kelly Loeffler or David Perdue – the checks won’t happen.

But he didn’t stop there.

Biden then claimed Americans need these checks to help pay the bills, and that citizen well-being really hinges on the Georgia races:

One state can chart the course not just for the next four years but for the next generation.

President Donald Trump has been pulling for the $2,000 checks in the past few weeks, though he’s against the additional spending.

As he tweeted on December 30:

Republican Mitch McConnell blocked this, however, saying it was basically “socialism for the rich.”

And the GOP continues to rail against what they see as over-the-top government spending. That has to be resolved before more checks go out.

Democrats, though, are saying Americans will get $2k if they gain full control of D.C.

The question remains, “is this extra $2,000 really necessary?” And citizens on both sides of the aisle appear split on the issue.

Source: Breitbart