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What’s Happening:

Nancy Pelosi went into Election Night 2020 thinking she would have a big victory—perhaps even add seats to her liberal majority.

Her party pumped a lot of money into key races for Congress. The media–as usual–was predicting major wins for the left-wing.

But by the time morning rolled around, things didn’t work out as she planned.

It seems that, despite the predicted “blue wave,” some of her own allies were put on the chopping block:

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and her invigorated caucus charged into Tuesday with an energized base, a sharp fundraising advantage and hopes to flip anywhere from five to 15 Republican seats on election night. Instead, it was the Republicans who scored big — at least in the early counting — knocking out at least a half dozen vulnerable Democrats with several more clinging to the ropes.

Instead of adding to her left-wing majority, Pelosi is set to lose seats in the House. The final fate of the House’s makeup is yet to be seen, but it’s clear Republicans have scored major upsets.

Hmm… I wonder why so many “safe” Democrats lost their races? Could it be that Pelosi hurt their credibility with voters?

Remember 2018? Many of these same Democrats promised to work with Trump if they were elected to the House. Instead, they went along with Hairgate Pelosi to impeach the president over a phone call.

More recently, they stalled negotiations to pass much-needed relief. Meanwhile, they do nothing but attack and complain.

Word is that Republicans will also hold onto the Senate, preventing Democrats from pushing their more ambitious agenda, like ending the filibuster rule.

That means they will have very little hopes of packing the court, adding new states and seats, and other radical, left-wing goals.

And even some centrist Democrats are now discussing whether Pelosi should still be Speaker.

Because she didn’t help expand their party’s seats, even after a failed impeachment of Trump and blocking a relief bill for Americans in need for months.

Do you think Nancy Pelosi should still be Speaker of the House?

Key Takeaways:

  • Nancy Pelosi was expecting to add to her Democrat majority in the House.
  • Instead, numerous liberal candidates lost their seats in upset wins for Republicans.
  • The Senate appears to be remaining in Republican hands.

Source: The Hill