This week, a new stimulus package passed, which totals several trillion dollars in overall spending. Among the approvals is a $600 check for individuals and $300 for expanded federal unemployment benefits.

However, many take issue with the fact that this bill includes $900 billion in coronavirus relief and $1.4 trillion for other government operations.

To some Republicans and Conservatives, the spending isn’t entirely warranted. And a few say it’s almost out of control.

But Joe Biden doesn’t seem to have a problem with the dollar amount. In fact, it appears he’s prepared to go even further if inaugurated in January.

Despite the package apparently containing plenty of “pork” for the government, as well as pet projects for D.C. politicians, Biden says there’s “more to come.”

As he wrote on Twitter:

Democrats clearly see this package as merely the beginning, while the other side of the aisle had hoped this would signal the end of spending.

According to the Washington Post, Biden has said in the past that new negotiations could begin as early as January. Therefore, we have to assume this includes more aid and more incurred government cost.

Prior to the passing of this latest package, Democrats had balked at signing it.

Perhaps it was so President Donald Trump wouldn’t reap any benefits of the package, though it was also because Democrats simply wanted more allotted funds in the bill.

Now that they have it, we’d hope the spending would slow a bit. Even so, it appears Biden and other Democrat leaders are prepared to shell out even more in the coming months.

Source: Breitbart