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Back fat and underarm flab are one of the most annoying and troublesome appearance problems many women face, especially when the time for sleeveless dresses and tops sets in. Seeing that fat bulging from the sides is definitely not attractive so many women go to extreme lengths to try to cover it up. Instead of covering it up you should put in some effort and eliminate it once and for all. It’s easier than you think.

In the following article we’ve got 4 amazing exercises which target the shoulders, back and underarms. These exercises will help you get rid of the flab and bulge and make you feel sexy and attractive again. Try them out and see the amazing results for yourself.

The Push and touch

Stand with your feet shoulder apart, extend your arms beside your body and lift them over your head. In this exercise it’s best to use hand weights or a band. With your extended arms on the sides, palms facing forward lift them at shoulder level and then over your head. Return to shoulder level position and repeat 3 series of about 6 repetitions each.

The Bent-over circular row

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and bend forward at ninety degrees, using both hands at once moving them with the dumbbells in a circular movement. First you go left, up and in towards your midsection then over to right and down. Repeat 3 series of ten repetitions.

The crisscross reverse fly

In this exercise you’ll need to place your legs separated at shoulder width and slightly twisted at the knees for firmness. Twist forward at the waist at approximately 90 degrees and make sure that you’re face down, looking at the floor. In this position hold the hand weights in both hands bowed at the elbow and remember that the palms need to be faced towards one another. In this position you’ll need to raise your hands to shoulder level or near shoulder level. Do a series of 3 repetitions 10 times.

The Elbow kiss

Extend your arms at the sides at shoulder height with palms facing up. From this position bend your elbows to ninety degree upwards. Bring your arms to the front in this position until your lower arms touch at the sides. Return to starting position. Repeat 10 sets of three repetitions.

If you start doing these exercises you’re guaranteed to get rid of the underarm flab and back bulge. Don’t waste your time, get moving and prove to yourselves you can do it.

Don’t expect it to happen overnight, you must do these exercises, be persistent and the result will be worth all your time and effort. You must be organized and do these exercises on a regular basis to achieve your goals and get the perfect back and underarms.

In three weeks you will see for yourself, trust the exercises, perform them regularly and you will be amazed by the results.