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If you’ve decided to lose weight, this workout plan can be of great help. Along with working out, you will also need to eat a healthy diet and drink sufficient amounts of water so that the workout can yield positive results. You should workout from 45 to 60 minutes every day. Below, you have the workout plan presented in detail:


20 squats

25 second wall sit

15 second plank

10 butt-kicks

10 sit-ups

35 jumping jacks

25 crunches



10 squats

10 push-ups

30-second plank

20 butt-kicks

45-second wall-sit

10 jumping jacks



45-second plank

35-second wall-sit

50 jumping jacks

15 squats

20 push-ups

25 butt-kicks

30 crunches



30-second plank

60-second wall-sit

20 push-ups

35 butt-kicks

20 crunches

35 squats



25 squats

60-second plank

30 push-ups

30 crunches

55 jumping jacks

50-second wall-sit

5 butt-kicks

45 sit-ups

Make a pause from the workout during the weekend.

This is the weekly plan for a cardio workout:

  1. 30 -seconds sprint, 30 -seconds jog (5x)
  2. 35- seconds sprint, 45-seconds jog (6x)
  3. 45-seconds sprint, 60-seconds jog (7x)
  4. 50-seconds sprint, 45-seconds jog (8x)
  5. 55-seconds sprint, 30-seconds jog (7x)
  6. 60-seconds sprint, 50-seconds jog (6x)
  7. 65-seconds sprint, 45-seconds jog(7x)
  8. 70-seconds sprint, 50- seconds jog (8x)
  9. 75-seconds sprint, 40 seconds jog ( 7x)
  10. 80-seconds sprint, 30 seconds jog (8x)

Source: Health Tips Portal